Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick update

I'm off to the International Netsuke Society Convention in Beverly Hills tomorrow, so I've got just enough time to post some photos of recent work. When I get back, I'll update the post with some fuller descriptions and a review of the event.

This one's entitled "Curlew & Crab", in reindeer antler with horn inlays. The curlew is depicted with a wing extended on the recto, and then tucked back in a broken wing bluff on the verso. The crab lies on seaweed, or sand; whichever pleases.

Next is "Chrysanthemum"; a delicate vignette carved into a black bear canine.

Finally, a new squirrel: box, horn and semi-fossilized antler
For those who can make it to the convention, be sure to stop by and have a chat. It looks to be a well-planned event!