Monday, December 8, 2008

Modern-day Inro?

I came across this case at a store recently, made by the design company Umbra. They call it a Bungee Micro, but I think it looks suspiciously like an inro, like this one from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts:
There's a small elastic cord than runs up internal cord channels and joins at the top of the case. The upper portion lifts as a lid and then fits back into place with the retention of the cord. There aren't stacking compartments in this one (hey, it's under 6 bucks) but it will fit money and a set of keys. The neck cord is also the perfect thickness to fit into the himotoshi of a netsuke, for suspension from your belt. There are business card holders and mp3 player cases in the Bungee line too.


Gunn Elin said...

So fun to hear from you!! Thanks for the compliments, remember, I only knit and work nowadays, and do nothing more... Or, I watch movies while knitting :-)

It was fun reading your blog, and I realise that I am far from native English.. I admit having problems with some of the words ;-) Check out this:
The first spoons are typical Norwegian.

We look forward to your visit next summer. Take care, and say hi to your wonderful (disco dancing) girlfriend!

Doug Sanders said...

Thanks for having a look and sending me the link to the spoon pictures. I think I'll have to do another one soon. Maybe a ladle for soup. It's been getting very cold here lately and I could put it to use.