Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Work

It's been a while since I've posted new work. I had a bout of writer's block (carver's stump?) for a few months where nothing I started seemed to please me, and the grass outside needed mowing, etc. etc. So, pushing excuses aside, I've been back to work the past few weeks. I'm not sure of the title for this piece yet- maybe just 'Metamorphosis'. I had a piece of antler who's tip always spoke 'I'm a fin' and recently, the idea congealed to create a grotesque human form emerging from it.


Dave Jones said...

Excellent piece which looks quite small but beutifuly detailed. I was inrtigued by the face and then the fin was revealled. I love it.

What size is it? Regards Dave

Doug Sanders said...

Thanks for commenting Dave, the carving is about 4 inches in length.

surrounded by carnivores said...

very very nice. great response to the constraints dictated by your material. Agree with Dave: enjoyed the hand and the revelation of the fin.